Green Molecules

Chemicals, Olefins and Fuel

Chemicals such as methanol, ammonia and hydrogen are the building block of various applications and industries, such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, fuels, construction, food & beverage etc. The aggregate global demand for these chemicals of over 350 mtpa is met almost exclusively using fossil fuels, resulting in CO2 emissions of well over 1 Gtpa. Given the scale of emissions, there is an urgent need to produce “green molecules” as the building blocks of a decarbonized industrial chemical sector.

Dastur Energy designs and formulates clean energy systems for clients worldwide, enabling them to produce these critical green chemicals using alternate routes and feedstocks at competitive cost structures, thereby minimizing the green premium. Our designs enable clients to:

  • Convert waste CO2 to green methanol, with further downstream conversion into chemicals like formaldehyde, acetic acid & MEG

  • Gasify coal, petroleum residues like petcoke, plastics, and biomass for the cost-competitive production of green methanol and green ammonia, and further downstream chemicals

  • Participate in the overall energy market decarbonization opportunity through clean energy carriers (methanol, hydrogen and ammonia), MTO, transport fuel blending (M10, M20 etc.) & injection (DME and MTBE) and marine bunker fuels

  • Develop a balanced and hedged poly-product portfolio of clean chemicals based on robust business &operating models, market & price dynamics and cashflow characteristics

  • Alternate feedstock sourcing and blending models

Technology Pillars