Petcoke, coal, biomass, plastics, wastes based net-negative gasification

Gasification technology can produce clean energy from solid fuels at very large scale. Gasification produces syngas, which can be appropriately conditioned and converted to produce clean and economically attractive value-added products. Along with low-cost carbon capture on dense CO2 streams, it can cost-effectively decarbonize the industrial, power, fertilizer, and chemical sectors. The appropriate blending of raw materials such as petcoke, coal, biomass, plastics and municipal solid wastes (MSW) provides valuable feedstock which can make gasification a net-negative emissions technology.

Syngas produced from gasification is a mixture of CO, CO2 and H2, which is passed through gas conditioning and acid gas removal units to achieve the required H2/CO ratio and dense stream (99%+ purity) and high partial pressure CO2. The dense stream CO2 is amenable for cost-effective (US$ 30 – 40/tonne) carbon capture, resulting in net-negative gasification.

The conditioned syngas can be used for a variety of industrial applications,  such as producing methanol & hydrogen, which are low carbon energy carriers in their own right and for producing clean power using CCGT systems. Carbon capture cost is minimized through pre-combustion capture of dense stream CO2, which can then be permanently sequestered or utilized in applications such as EOR or for conversion, depending on the client location and situation.

Dastur Energy is at the forefront of architecting some of the marquee gasification projects in the Middle East and India, based on the gasification of petcoke, coal & biomass. Our integrated and business-driven solution design enable clients to meet their strategic goals, either by providing commoditized cost dense stream CO2 for EOR, or utilization and conversion of by-products such as petcoke, wastes and biomass to produce value-added products. The key benefits provided to our clients are:

  • Conceptualize and design techno-economically viable projects integrating feedstock supply chain design & blending, gasification, gas conditioning, downstream units and appropriate carbon disposition mechanisms & infrastructure.

  • Dastur Energy’s understanding and expertise of various gasification technologies and fuel engineering enable clients to overcome the challenges of different types of feedstocks, such as high ash coal in India, lignite in Indonesia, plastics and biomass in the US, petcoke or high-quality coal all over the world. Based on the client requirements and feedstock availability, we use our IP and expertise to design appropriate licensing options and economically viable solutions based on fluidized bed, entrained flow, moving bed or allothermal gasification technologies.

  • Make the right gas conditioning and downstream technology choices, depending on the feedstock quality, product selection and economic considerations.

  • Design of gasification based poly-product portfolios consisting of market facing chemicals, balanced by utilities such as hydrogen and power, that enable the project to steer through adverse scenarios and volatilities.

  • Stay ahead of the regulatory curve by transforming the sustainability challenges such as waste disposal and CO2 footprint into competitive advantages through commercially viable, flexible and scaleable gasification based projects.

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