Carbon Dioxide to Value

Marketable value-added green products

Dastur Energy helps clients by designing & architecting projects with technologies that convert waste CO2 into marketable value-added products. This enables clients produce carbon-abated products to differentiate and compete in the growing markets for green products and molecules.

Apart from the established uses of CO2 in producing urea and in the F&B industry, CO2 can also be potentially converted to a wide array of value-added products, such as chemicals, fuels, construction materials, new materials, agricultural & industrial products, each of which is at different levels of technological maturity and commercial development. The critical challenge is the low-cost availability of clean hydrogen and the significant energy requirements for countering the low energy state of CO2.

Dastur Energy helps clients in their energy transition journey by selecting the most appropriate scale and portfolio of CO2 to value-added products, based on analysis of markets, technology maturity, CO2 stream characteristics, clean hydrogen sourcing options and a deep understanding of process techno-economics. For the chosen product and pathway, we help clients design and architect the projects by optimizing reactor &catalyst design, purification column configurations, lower operating pressure & temperature, improved heat & mass transfer, better selectivity & reaction rates, high conversion rate and superior operational flexibility. These factors drive techno-economics & scale and are critical for producing carbon-neutral value-added products at competitive cost structures.

Among different CO2 utilization technologies & pathways, CO2 to methanol is the most advanced and opportune in terms of technological maturity, commercialization and the market demand & versatility of clean methanol as a green chemical feedstock and for fossil fuel replacement, especially marine bunker fuel. Dastur Energy licenses and engineers the most advanced CO2 to methanol technology in the market, providing clients a competitive advantage in their energy transition journeys.

Technology Pillars