Decarbonizing the oil & gas value chain through cost-competitive capture and enabling refineries to exploit value at the bottom of the barrel by converting wastes to value-added products.

Refineries globally are facing sustainability challenges with their carbon footprint, gaseous and wastewater discharge, and looking for economically viable solutions to decarbonize their value chains and product offerings. With Dastur Energy’s solutions, complex refineries can convert petcoke and other heavy residues to value-added chemicals and clean fuels like hydrogen through gasification and carbon capture.


Dastur Energy designs clean energy systems for its refinery clients to decarbonize their value chains and production processes. We are designing integrated systems for cost-competitive carbon capture from the flue gases of the FCC of refineries and low carbon hydrogen production from the SMR, thus leading to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Our business-driven and integrated systems approach brings down the capture cost to US$ 30-40/tonne, minimizing the green premium. Carbon capture integrated with subsequent utilization through EOR and food & beverage applications and tax incentives such as 45Q results in net-negative or net-zero carbon footprint oil production becoming a techno-economically viable proposition. Our solution designs transform the sustainability challenges of our clients into strategic opportunities in the evolving clean energy eco-system.

We are also engineering innovative solutions to help our refinery clients manage their solid (petcoke and other heavy bottoms), gaseous (SOx, NOx, CO2) and liquid (through zero liquid discharge) wastes. Our solutions are based on our proprietary IP & end to end system design principles with a  sharp focus on technology, markets, and techno-economics. Our solutions enable our clients to turn waste into attractive value-added products (hydrogen, power & petrochemicals) and simultaneously achieve carbon abatement.

Dastur Energy is assisting some of the largest refineries in the Middle East and India architect integrated gasification-based solutions to convert by-product petcoke into economically value-added products. With regulatory oversight increasing in petcoke consuming geographies (China and India) and IMO 2020 regulations, it is increasingly difficult for refineries to dispose their highly polluting by-product petcoke. Dastur has front-ended and conceptualized projects that enable refineries to convert petcoke from waste to a valuable feedstock. Syngas obtained through the gasification of petcoke is converted to a poly portfolio of value-added products with very attractive production costs (viz. methanol at US$ 180/tonne, hydrogen at < US$ 1000/tonne and power at US$ 35/MWh), which makes for very compelling project economics at 12-15% post-tax ROI. This is complemented by the cost-competitive abatement of CO2 (at US$ 30-40/tonne), SOx, NOx, and particulate emissions associated with petcoke, thus enabling our clients to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

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