Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Enabling the production of clean petrochemicals and chemicals by utilizing alternative feedstocks coupled with carbon capture.

Petrochemicals and chemical companies worldwide are looking at new & cleaner paths to build risk & market hedged poly product portfolios. Companies are also looking to utilize alternate feedstocks and wastes and also participate in the future energy carriers, viz. methanol and hydrogen. With business cycles increasingly being shorter and more uncertain, plant designs need to be scalable & flexible and optimized for competitive production and capture costs.


We are assisting our clients in developing balanced and market hedged poly-product portfolios of clean chemicals & petrochemicals, based on robust and viable operating models (post-tax project ROIs in the range of 12-15%), with 1st or 2nd quartile production costs and commoditized carbon capture & utilization/storage costs at US$ 30-40/tonne. We are enabling our clients to explore the use of alternate feedstocks such as petcoke, coal, biomass in their journey of building a slate of clean chemicals, especially with respect to feedstock engines and energy carriers of the future such as methanol and hydrogen.

Our solution designs are based on sound techno-economics and insights from a demand-supply & market structure perspective, thus creating a cost-competitive and price & volume risk hedged product portfolio for our clients. This is further complemented through appropriate business & financing models, such as part offtake from key clients/ sectors, to optimize the project risk and reward profile. When combined with the price advantage of carbon credits in the developing carbon markets of the future or 45Q tax credits for CO2 sequestration or EOR, such a basket of products provides a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage in the international markets.

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