Rethinking Clean Energy
CO2 is the Enemy. NOT Gas, Coal, or Oil
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Scaling to Billions of Tons of Carbon Capture & Management Infrastructure
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Economically Viable Design is Fundamental to Accelerated Energy Transition
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Decarbonizing Industrial Activity is Essential to a Net Zero World
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Hydrogen and Methanol are the Building Blocks for a Clean Energy Future
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Moving from Clean Energy Technologies to Clean Energy Systems
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Industry Solutions

Oil Exploration &

Carbon neutral and negative oil through EOR using lowest cost anthropogenic CO2.


Cost effective conversion of bottom of the barrel residues to clean fuels & chemicals. Lowest cost refinery carbon capture solutions.

Chemicals &

Clean chemicals & petrochemicals portfolio from methanol, hydrogen & syngas using coal, petcoke, biomass & plastics.

Iron & Steel

Industrial scale carbon capture from integrated steel plants at lowest cost. Low emissions Iron production from waste gas, syn-gas and hydrogen.

Clean Power

Competitive hydrogen and syn-gas based power. Carbon capture from natural gas, coal, biomass and blended fuel power plants.

Government & Institutions

Policy studies on carbon capture, energy transition economics and clean energy initiatives. Grant funded Applied Research & Systems Engineering in Energy Systems.

Technology Pillars


Petcoke, coal, biomass, plastics, wastes based net-negative gasification.

Industrial Carbon

Capture technologies, transportation, sequestration, CO2 to products and EOR.


Blue hydrogen technologies and distribution.

Waste Gas Utilization

Gas processing, conditioning and gas enrichment.

Methanol & Derivatives

Methanol to olefins, fuel blending.

Clean Power Cycles

Supercritical CO2 cycles, hydrogen, syngas turbines.

News & Industry Insights