Rethinking Clean Energy
It's about CO2. NOT Gas, Coal, Oil, Nuclear or Renewables
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Scaling to Billions of Tons of Carbon Capture & Management Infrastructure
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Economically Viable Design is Fundamental to Accelerated Energy Transition
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Decarbonizing Industrial Activity is Essential to a Net Zero World
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Hydrogen and Methanol are the Building Blocks for a Clean Energy Future
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Rethinking Clean Energy
Moving from Clean Energy Technologies to Clean Energy Systems
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Industry Solutions

Oil Exploration &

Carbon neutral and negative oil through EOR using lowest cost anthropogenic CO2.


Cost effective conversion of bottom of the barrel residues to clean fuels & chemicals. Lowest cost refinery carbon capture solutions.

Chemicals &

Clean chemicals & petrochemicals portfolio from methanol, hydrogen & syngas using coal, petcoke, biomass & plastics.

Iron & Steel

Industrial scale carbon capture from integrated steel plants at lowest cost. Low emissions Iron production from waste gas, syn-gas and hydrogen.

Clean Power

Competitive hydrogen and syn-gas based power. Carbon capture from natural gas, coal, biomass and blended fuel power plants.

Government & Institutions

Policy studies on carbon capture, energy transition economics and clean energy initiatives. Grant funded Applied Research & Systems Engineering in Energy Systems.

Technology Pillars


Petcoke, coal, biomass, plastics, wastes based net-negative gasification.

Industrial Carbon

Capture technologies, transportation, sequestration, CO2 to products and EOR.


Blue hydrogen technologies and distribution.

Waste Gas Utilization

Gas processing, conditioning and gas enrichment.

Methanol & Derivatives

Methanol to olefins, fuel blending.

Clean Power Cycles

Supercritical CO2 cycles, hydrogen, syngas turbines.

News & Industry Insights

Dastur and Air Liquide have been awarded an important US DOE funded FEED study for the design and engineering of an industrial scale carbon capture plant at Air Liquide’s Steam Methane Reformer on the US Gulf Coast.
Engineering consulting firm Dastur and its affiliate Dastur Energy have laid out a vision for multiple gasification clusters in India. These include production of hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, direct-reduced steel (using coal-derived syngas), and power (roughly 1.5 GW of syngas or hydrogen-based capacity per cluster).