USEA Consensus: Building Commercial Scale Clean Energy Systems Through Deep Decarbonization & GT Scale Carbon Capture Infrastructure


An economically viable and effective clean energy system design for the industry requires a broad based and holistic approach to deep decarbonization of industrial activities across the manufacturing value chain.  It needs to optimize and integrate feedstocks, production, technology, scale, economics, policy, and environmental justice across the entire value chain. Additionally, the seamless availability of a Giga-Ton (GT) scale commoditized carbon disposition infrastructure becomes an essential enabler for deep decarbonization. Such a systems approach to clean energy is distinctly different from retrofitting an existing industrial system with a carbon capture unit and a point-to-point disposition infrastructure for use or storage. We will present a systems approach to deep decarbonization for the industry with cases from steel, oil, and petrochemical industries from US, Asia and the Middle East.