Ajay Phatak joins Dastur Energy as a Strategic Technical Adviser


Ajay Phatak, has joined Dastur Energy as a Strategic Technical Adviser. Ajay is an expert in the area Sustainability, Energy Transition and Carbon ccounting. Ajay is also deeply interested in ecological economics and sustainability, and the impact of businesses and the current economic and energy policies on the environment and sustainability.

Earlier, Ajay worked as Vice President at Harman Connected Services, now a part of a Samsung group of companies.  He has worked in executive roles in both sales & engineering over his career span. His earlier work and research in the areas of modeling & simulation, process plant simulations and real time communication & control is particularly applicable to the synthesis of large scale clean energy systems.

As an entrepreneur, the company Ajay founded is now part of Harman (a Samsung Company) through a series of acquisitions.

Ajay is a prolific writer and speaker, and he has written several articles and essays on interdisciplinary topics of energy, economics, development, education, health and sustainability driven business transformation.

He serves on the Board of several early-stage companies and is on the board of trustees for The Ecological Society, a not- r- profit organization working in the areas of ecology, ecological education, and environment.

Ajay received his B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay, and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pune. He also has a Post graduate Diploma in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Nature Conservation. He is a recipient of distinguished service award from IIT Bombay.

Ajay is a passionate Ultra Cyclist, avid Trekker and Photographer and lives in Pune, India.